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Oct 5, 2014

I will be attending a 10 day Vispassana Meditation course so I will not be posting any work for a while as I will be offline and in silence. No talking, no painting and no social media. I am 80% curious and 20% apprehensive, but will be back online with some new work  thereafter:)

Storm’s Brewing #dark skies #storm #change #refresh #thunder #question everything
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Storm’s Brewing #dark skies #storm #change #refresh #thunder #question everything

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The Universe Is In You
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The Universe Is In You

Sep 19, 2014
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Silent strokes #WIP #love #art #paint #ink #flow

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Musings of How to Be an Artist?

How to be an artist.

Just be one. 

How to make your living as an artist?

And the question explodes and shards of doubts and fears and mythologies fly out into the ether and lodge in psyches and now there is a lot more to get through then when you initially asked the question. The dialogues that run internally through your mind can be fractious and embedded with others thinking. This is not where i am going to list all the cliches and status quo renditions of what it means to be an artist. What does it mean to me? It means i get to be who i want to be. It means i get to do what i feel to do, it means I breathe through the imagery I create on the paper. It means I breathe. It means I am alive. It means I feel my aliveness. It means peace. 

I am yet learning how to make a living out of my feelings of aliveness, my peace and if I do that will be a great bonus, if I don’t then I still have my living peace. 

I don’t know what will happen, i don’t know what the future will hold, all I can know is what I am experiencing now and not a moment more then that. And the only time I find myself in the abyss of incessant questions is when I leave the peace of painting and enter the world of questions. I never question whether I can paint or not, no doubt ever arises, I put brush to paper and it flows. And it is all silent, there are no questions. 

Stars Alight
Sep 11, 2014
Sep 10, 2014
Imagined Vistas
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